Innnovision - Commercial Property Consultants

Innovision Commercial Property Consultants can help your Association or Management Company cut your budget cost while freshening up your vendor relationships. We will work hard so that your Association or Commercial Property has the best vendors for the best price. Contact US Now to get started! We will work with any vendor management company to get you the best price.

Innnovision Property Consultants offers 30 years of experience in commercial property construction, contract negotiation, and vendor relations which afford us the ability to secure new vendors with optimum terms, conditions, and pricing. Unlike some vendor management companies, Innovision offers these services with NO upfront fees and no fee unless we save you money from your existing vendor relationship cost scenario. Our fee is a split based on the savings we provide you. The fee split is based on two factors. One, for how long the vendor contract is, and two, if your choice is our recommended vendor or an alternative.

In conjunction, Innovision Commercial Property Consultants will also work with your existing vendors to negotiate better terms, conditions, and pricing on your behalf. In the end, you get qualified vendors for a fraction of what you are currently paying. We make sure the vendors are pricing based on fact and not on unknowns. Vendors will balloon the price to cover unknowns.

Innovision helps your Association or Commercial Property with Vendor Relations, because we:

  • Spend the time to understand what your needs are and your expectations of vendor service
  • Review your existing vendor contracts
  • Perform due diligence of vendor qualifications prior to any bidding process
  • Create specification package for vendor bidding
  • Manage site meetings
  • Review and evaluate vendor bids for accuracy, uniformity, and pricing valuations
  • Determine FMV (Fair Market Value) Value Engineering pricing for each vendor market performance
  • Formulate final vendor pricing spreadsheet with notes of our recommendations
  • Draw up the final vendor contract with attorney
  • Make follow up visits with you and your vendors to ensure contract compliance and positive work relations. Call Us Today! (561)-353-5555

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